It’s unsightly, isn’t it?

The beach ball you’re carrying around in front of you.  You know, that thing covering your six pack abs.

Or the whispers of “thunder-thighs” every time you look in the mirror. No ones actually calling you that, though, it’s just in your head.

You’re carrying all this extra fat around with you and you want it gone, now!!  It’s ok, I’m here to help. But I have to be brutally honest with you:

There’s no way to target thigh or stomach fat when you’re trying to lose weight.  It’s as simple as that. So instead, you’ll need to try to lose fat on your whole body instead.  Eventually, the weight on your stomach and thighs will start to disappear too.

1. Limit alcohol consumption.  They don’t call it a beer belly for nothing.  And it’s not limited to the guys out there, women are susceptible to beer bellies just like us men over here.

If you want to lose the fat, you need to limit the alcohol.  It’s as simple as that. Notice I didn’t say you need to cut it out completely?

Yeah, its safe to have a beer here or there, or some wine with dinner, but ditch the binges.

Might be a good idea to limit your Netflix marathons too. 

2. Be more active.  Trading your Netflix marathons for 26.2 mile marathons isn’t a requirement, but getting off your butt and doing something every now and then is.  It could be just cleaning the house.

The point is that a body at rest burns much less calories than a body in motion, so being a couch potato all day long isn’t going to help you lose that belly fat.  

Is that going to stop me from bingeing the next season of Lucifer when it drops on Netflix?  Of course not, but I’m going to be smart and make sure I get up and do something before and after.

Whether you like taking walks,, bike rides, or runs, the point is to just get moving.  You can also take up causal sports like softball, tennis, racquetball, or our old favorite: kickball.  There’s also things like kayaking, paddling boarding, and hiking.

All are good options to get you moving.

3. Eat better carbs. Carbs are used for fuel, so we need carbs, but not all carbs are created equal.  Simple carbs like white breads, white wheat, pastas, rice, and sugars are all sources of energy, but also sources of excess fat.

If you want to lose that stomach fat, try focusing on healthy carbs like veggies, fruits, oats, and whole grains.  These don’t cause excess fat storage like the others above.

4. Get stronger.  Did you know that muscle uses more energy than fat?  Yup, so if we replace some of that fat with muscle it’ll help speed up your metabolism and use more calories.

But the real reason I’ve included this on my list is because the process of getting stronger is what will really help: Working out.

Working out burns calories better than gaining muscle ever will.  Don’t go into the gym with your head full of fancies and start doing anything and everything, though, go in with a plan.

Most importantly, go in knowing how to use the equipment and perform the exercises.  It’s real simple to hurt yourself in the gym and you need to know when to ask for help.

5. Stop Doing Crunches.  Seriously, spot reduction is a myth and crunches do more harm than good.  There are so many better core exercises out there that actually build up your muscles with less strain.

And by core exercises, I mean exercises that work your core, the muscles that hold your back up straight, which includes your abs.  Planks are one of the best all around core exercises you can do. Look it up.

6. Eat More Protein.  Protein takes more effort and energy to digest than other nutrients, which is people who maintain a high protein diet tend to lose weight easier than others.

Do i know for sure this is the sole reason proteins are good for weight loss?  No, but studies have consistently shown that proteins make for a better weight loss choice in the long run.  They also have the advantage of leaving you fuller, which helps you avoid overeating.

7. Eat More Fats.  Studies have shown time and time again recently that fats don’t make you fat.  Fats can actually help you lose weight.

Not all fats are created equal though. For example, you always want to avoid trans fats.  They’re over processed and bad for your health but often found in processed fats so you can avoid them by eating Whole Foods most of the time.

Try to increase the good fats like olive oil and other plant fats as well as fatty acids found in fish.

8. Limit The Junk Food.  Seriously, you can’t outrun a bad diet.  Sugary foods and carb laden snacks are the worst enemy to losing weight.  Ditch the Doritos for an apple once in a while.

Now, I’ll never tell you to ditch the junk completely, because it’s important to keep comfort foods in your diet, you just need to eat them sparingly instead of regularly.

9.  Stay Motivated.  This probably the most important step here, because if you don’t stay motivated then you’re going to slip back into old habits and destroy any progress you’ve made.

  • Measure your waist. As you lose body fat and gain muscle, your waist will get trimmer and trimmer, so get a cheap waist measuring tape off amazon and check yourself every 2 weeks
  • Step on the scale.  Not the best way to measure success for people with lower body fat already, but good for those with more to lose.  Just don’t measure yourself more often than every two weeks and do it at the same time of day each time as water, food, and body waste will affect the numbers you get.
  • Measure body fat.  Get a cheap fat caliper from amazon and measure yourself every two weeks like the other two I’ve just mentioned.  The best measure of your health isn’t weight, or BMI, its body fat percentage, so make sure you know yours.

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