The Nordic Diet.  Focusing on eating fatty fish,  vegetables, whole grains, and berries, the Nordic diet is not the most popular diet this year.

But it is showing us a trend.

What’s been happening lately is we’re seeing a shift in diets to mimic seemingly healthy people, such as those from Norway, or more specifically, the Vikings.  It’s probably a smart move, because odds are that they are doing something right which you’re not doing.

Could also be in their genetics, though, but DNA will only get you so far these days.

Another example of people mimicking those they see as healthy is the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is similar to the Nordic Diet, concentrating on eating plant based foods, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.  This was the number one diet.

The Nordic Diet came in third place, which leaves second open for the DASH Diet to slide into.  IT started as the “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension” diet, but has recently transformed as a result of research.

They found it helped aid in weight loss and not just the original goal of helping reduce blood pressure.  Beyond just that though, it also helped reduce the risk of numerous diseases, including cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

There’s a reason all three of these diets work, something they have in common.  Do you know what it is?

They all focus on eating healthy, Whole Foods in proper amounts.

There really is very little difference between them, but what they have in common is the key to losing weight.  Calories in must be less than calories out, but the quality if calories matters.

Eating 1000 calories of ice cream is far different from eating 1000 calories of broccoli.

First, broccoli is a low calorie food, so if you’re eating 1000 calories of it a day you might have some issues that don’t have to do with weight loss.  Second, that 1000 calories of broccoli is still 1000 calories of energy going into your body, energy your body needs to use.

On the plus side though, that 1000 calories of broccoli is going to be much more satisfying that’s the ice cream.  You’re not going to want to eat as much after the broccoli, where as soon after eating the ice cream you’re going to be hungry for more again.

So what’s the best diet in 2019?

Well despite everything I’ve just told you, the best diet may not be anything we’ve talked about.  Can you guess why?

It’s actually the leading cause of diet failure.

It’s because the best diet for you needs to include some of your favorite foods.

If your diet doesn’t include your favorite foods, then you will not stick to it.  It’s as simple as that. Each diet needs to be tailored to each individual person.

And you can change any diet you want to fit this requirement.  Your diet needs to include some conscious indulgences, which means it needs to be planned for.

If you don’t plan on eating chocolate as part of your diet, but then you breakdown and eat chocolate, how do you feel afterwards?

Like a failure.

That’s because you did something bad.

But what if you didn’t do something bad?  Would you still feel like a failure?

No!!  Of course not.  You’d feel like you were meant to eat it all along, so no big deal.  And that’s the point. Eating some sweets isn’t a big deal, As long as you plan on it.

You can adjust your meals throughout the deal to allow for a little indulgences, and you can make up for it throughout the week as well.  Remember, weight loss is not a day-by day process.

Weight loss is a week to week thing, one day will not ruin it.

So what’s the best weight loss plan?

The diet that’s right for you, that’s the answer.

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